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Chaos Bolt is his most notorious luck-based ability which, at max level, can stun a target anywhere between a mediocre 2 seconds ...

Dota 2 Cheats (Complete List & Ingame Commands)

Complete List of all Cheat Commands and Scripts for Dota 2.

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Ice Vortex is a low-cooldown zoning ability, applying a heavy slow and magic damage amplification to nearby enemies.

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Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus, is a melee strength hero known as one of the most versatile characters in Dota due to his rather ...

to get into making Dota 2 short films, where to start ...

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Having little direct combat ability, the Techies have an unorthodox, if effective, method of dealing damage to the enemy team ...

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Jungling (also referred to as bushing or neutral creeping) is when a player concentrates on killing Neutral Creeps during the game, usually for additional Gold or Experience.

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Custom Games are new experiences that are created by the community, and playable within Dota 2.

dota2 items got stolen click here for step by step. :: Dota ...

If your account got hacked and got it back but you lost some of your precious dota2 items follow these steps below.

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Pudge is potentially one of the strongest gankers and disablers in the entire game, with his combo of three active abilities proving ...