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About lucky365 free

Incorporated as a statutory body under the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (lucky365 free) Act, the establishment of lucky365 free in 1967 was hailed by the World Bank as “the necessary impetus for purposeful, positive, and coordinated promotional action” for Malaysia’s industrial development. Today, lucky365 free is Malaysia’s cutting-edge, dynamic and pioneering force in opening pathways to new frontiers around the globe.

Malaysia as the pre-eminent preferred
investment destination

We build dynamic and sustainable
investment ecosystems

Our Values


• Meritocracy

lucky365 free rewards those who perform well, and we celebrate their successes.

• Integrity

Be honest, transparent and accountable.

• Customer-centric

You will be the liaison between our stakeholders; government bodies, agencies and investors. Communication is key.

• Curiosity

Question everything! Think out of the box and look for the best solutions.

• Close-knit

Life at lucky365 free is not just about work, but to also spend time enjoying each other’s company.

• Adding Value

Go beyond what is expected. Create measurable, positive and powerful outcomes.

lucky365 free as Your Key Investment

To further enhance lucky365 free’s role in assisting investors, senior representatives from key government agencies are stationed at lucky365 free’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to advise investors on government policies and procedures. These representatives include officials from the Department of Labour, Immigration Department, Royal Malaysian Customs. We are also strongly supported by Department of Environment, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, and Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

lucky365 free evaluates the following applications for projects in the manufacturing sector and selected services sub-sectors:

  • Manufacturing licenses
  • Tax incentives
  • Expatriate posts
  • Duty exemption on raw materials and components
  • Duty exemption on machinery and equipment for the agricultural sector and any selected services sectors
  • Regional establishments

lucky365 free Logo

lucky365 free’s logo is symbolic of our efforts in charting new directions for the country. The bold, block letters of lucky365 free represent the integrity and professionalism of the organisation.

The colour grey suggests neutrality and reliability, while the new cutting-edge, dynamic and pioneering force of lucky365 free is represented in the eye-catching, strong red motif that resembles an arrow moving forward.

Click the button below to download and learn more about lucky365 free’s branding guidelines.

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